• What is uKnowva?

    uKnowva is Enterprise Collaboration Software that offers a private and secure platform for employees to engage in seamless networking and communication, sharing of rich knowledge and leveraging the capabilities of business productive tools to achieve accelerated growth and increased productivity.

  • What are different pricing models?

    We provide Free Subscription, Monthly Subscription and On-Premise Edition.

    In Free Subscription, you simply need to register and create your free account and start using your uKnowva.

    In subscription pricing, you have to pay on monthly basis depending upon the number of users and hosting space.

    In On-Premise edition, you need to pay once for the software.

  • What is a uKnowva instance?

    uKnowva instance refers to your customized version of uKnowva hosted on cloud or on-premise. Hence each uKnowva installation is actually a uKnowva instance.

  • Who are you guys? I have never heard of you?

    uKnowva is a product of Convergence IT Services, a well-known company with a diversified portfolio of software products and services. If you want to know more visit www.convergenceservices.in

  • What does uKnowva mean?

    uKnowva is simply a combination of "Your Knowledges is Vast" Your-U, Knowledge –know, Vast- va, when we combine the three we get uKnowva.

  • What is so special about uKnowva? Why should I buy it?

    uKnowva offers some key features and substantial differentiator over its competitors. Some of the key features are Knowledge management, Project management, HRM, CRM, Support Desk. uKnowva is highly scalable you can integrate varieties of business applications into it without compromising on its performance. Today's business environment has become very dynamic and hence to keep space with the changing professional space it is important to have a enterprise collaboration platform like uKnowva that offer a seamless networking, communicating and sharing capabilities.

    uKnowva helps you save money for your business and improve its overall efficiency. This gives you enough reason to buy uKnowva for your business.

  • What is the mode of payment?

    Currently we accept payment through Online Banking, Cheque and Demand Draft

  • Is my data secured? What type of Privacy and Data security do you provide on shared hosting?

    We respect privacy and sensitivity of your data and hence we follow highest level of security practices regarding your data. Our hosting environment comes with different level of securities including robust firewall and various application level securities.

  • What are after sales support for different editions of uKnowva?
    • For subscription edition after sales support is free as long as customer uses the service
    • For on-premise edition customer needs to purchase a separate support packages along with the product
  • Can I integrate other web applications with uKnowva*?

    uKnowva is highly scalable you can integrated variety of web-based applications with it. If you want more information regarding this then do mail us with your queries at helpdesk@uknowva.com

    * Please Note: The applications which are not compatible with uKnowva cannot be integrated with it.

  • I have a question which is not mentioned in your FAQ section, what should I do?

    If you have any questions which are not mentioned here then do call us at +44 (0) 1234 959366 or drop a mail at info@uknowva.co.uk

{uKnowva is a brainchild of Convergence Services}